Gear pumps for extrusion of thermoplastics

Extrusion plants need extremely reliable units with high pumping consistency and a configu- ration to suit each application. The modular design of extrex® gear pumps makes light work of meeting diverse requirements.


Bellows sealed valve (EURO CHLOR)

Bellows sealed valve with EURO CHLOR approval, for chlorine service


Spray Rinse Valves

The Strahman spray rinse valve was devised to improve safety of operation and increase the production time available for chemical reactors used in batch processes. The valve eliminates the need for vessel opening and closing to wash the residue of the preceding batch from the vessel walls.


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cinox® therminox®
gear pumps are corrosion- resistant and heatable stainless steel convey- ing units that satisfy the stringent quality requirements of today's chemical processing industry.
Chemical, refinery, and industrial plant appli- cations are challenging. High process pres- sures, high temperatures, and viscous media are commonplace in such environments.
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